It is due to the importance of transport or economies, that EU transport policy have historically focused on liberalisation and harmonisation to form a single trans-European transport network. More recently it has incorporated sustainability considerations into transport policies. Mobility is one of the six priority areas of the EU’s Sustainable Development Strategy.The challenges of environment protection are complex and diffuse, and so cannot be solved at the level of the individual country or pollutant. The solutions are to be found within systematic multi-disciplinary research and within the application of the concept of sustainable development. Key to tackling global sustainability challenges is collective, societal action. The REACT Support Action aims to support multi-stakeholder international collaboration in climate-friendly transport research, enhance EC Member States’ research efforts and cooperate with Associated States and the broader international community.

Why We Care


REACT Project Results now translated

REACT Project offers translated versions of key project documents in the Greek, Serbian, Croatian, German and Italian Languages. You can easily download for free the translated versions from the dedicated section of our Knowledge Base Repository


REACT Belgrade Event Proceedings available for download.

Proceedings from the REACT Belgrade event including all scientific papers, abstracts and presentations, are available for download from the relevant section of the Knowledge Base Repository.



REACT Support action has a twofold vision


The REACT vision is to raise awareness and, in parallel, to actively contribute to the shaping of a consensus among EC, Member States and Associated States RTD funding agencies. This could result in a unified and more effective means of addressing climate friendly transport challenges by fully exploiting the resources available.

In this way, the project will efficiently address the social and economic imperative to improve quality of life for European citizens and future generations by avoiding resource wastage and fragmentation of research in the crucial issue of climate friendly transport.


May 30, 2011. Participation to Seminar on Transport Policy in the EU and Greece

23 January 2014

Seminar on Transport Policy in the EU and in Greece by the Transport Engineering Laboratory...

June 21,22 2011 - Last REACT meeting in Nicosia

23 January 2014
June 21,22 2011 - Last REACT meeting in Nicosia

The REACT last consortium meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 21 22...

May 16,17 2011 - REACT Belgrade Conference

23 January 2014
 May 16,17 2011 - REACT Belgrade Conference

REACT Conference in Belgrade, May 16-17,2011 The REACT FP7 Conference that took place in Serbia, Belgrade...

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